Aliens and UFOs: Case Closed Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Angelo Tropea



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Aliens and UFOs: Case Closed Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt  by  Angelo Tropea

Aliens and UFOs: Case Closed Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt by Angelo Tropea
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A new and compelling book which argues for the reality of Aliens and UFOs.Through a series of interesting and convincing “exhibits” and comparisons a legal case is made for the existence of Aliens and UFOs ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.”In Section 1, the introduction of this book, legal evidence and the different levels of proof are discussed. The author proposes introducing evidence that is competent, relevant and material and that more than suffices to prove the case for the existence of Aliens and UFOs under the strictest evidentiary standard, “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” Throughout the book numerous examples in the form of exhibits are provided.Section 2, “Ancient Historical Perspective,” includes selective examples of Alien and UFO sightings by our ancient ancestors – from cave dwellers to Christopher Columbus.

They establish the fact that Alien and UFO sightings and encounters have been documented since the dawn of man. Much of the references to Aliens and UFOs are depicted or described in the limited terms familiar to the witnesses of the time and often explained within a restrictive religious framework.Section 3, “Application Of Scientific Reasoning,” presents scientific testimony for the existence of countless alien worlds and the almost certainty of intelligent life.

It introduces man’s attempt to scientifically classify and understand encounters while at the same coming to the realization that our understanding may be limited and elementary.Section 4, “Common Sense Argument,” discusses the relatively short span of man’s existence, as compared to the probable longer span of older civilizations. It argues that we should be open to accepting the reality that we may not be the center of the universe and that we may still have much to learn.Section 5, “Recent Historical Perspective,” cites examples of recent Alien and UFO encounters.

Radar, visual sightings, physical evidence and testimony of direct alien contact emphasize the fact that sightings and encounters are continuing and are becoming increasingly well documented.Section 6, “The Testimony Of Experts,” provides testimony – indirect and circumstantial (as in the case of Astronomer Carl Sagan) and very direct (as in the case of Astronaut Gordon Cooper).Section 7, “Select List Of UFOs In History,” contains numerous descriptions of UFO and Alien sightings – all providing strong proof that aliens and UFOs do indeed exist and are as real as astronauts and the space vehicles that transport them.

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