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Tristan and Isolde restoring Palamede  by  John Erskine

Tristan and Isolde restoring Palamede by John Erskine
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Rating: 4* of fiveThe Book Report: I cannot conceive that anyone who can type does not know the story of Tristan and Isolde, so I wont recap it here.Palomedes/Palamede needs some explanation. He was the insertion of a thirteenth-century author into the Arthurian mythos, the Stranger Who Calls and stays. He was the son of a pagan king who, being educated by his fathers Christian slave, decides to set off for Christendom and see what he can see. In Erskines beautifully wrought novel, Palamede is more honorable and Christian than that adulterous lout Tristan- in the antique version, hes the close-second parfit gentil knight, the foil of His Perfectness Tristan.I like Erskines version a lot better.My Review: John Erskine published this book in 1932.

It wasnt a terribly optimistic time in American history, and that sense of gloom-and-doom is reflected in his use of the perfect outsider commenting on the foibles of the smug, self-satisfied host Westerners. Theyre all nobility, so equivalent to the plutocrats who, in that more enlightened time, got the proper degree of blame and suffered the proper degree of economic punishment (unlike our own pusillanimous age, fearful of taxing the wealthiest entities at appropriate levels)- Erskine isnt in any way shy about blasting the bad behavior, selfishness, and all-around turpitude of these small-souled greed machines.I *batten* on his outrage.

I share it.Well, anyway, should you read it? Yes. Yes indeed. It is beautifully, simply written, and its an evergreen plot. Marvelous stuff. Save it from obscurity, and read it soon.

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